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Off the Cuff

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When I graduated from High School I worked for a farmer for $150/mo.   I worked 18 hrs/day as he milked 150 cows, in 1966.     I got jobs in college from everything from washing dishes to parking cars. I was glad to have a job.   If I wanted a higher paying job, I just figured I’d have to improve my skills to be worth more.   Free markets determined value and people with a work ethic had to prove their value.

A young girl asked me to sign a petition on increasing the minimum wage for high school and grade school kids.   I asked her.   “Is someone paying you to distribute this petition?”   She said, “Yes.”   I asked, “And how much are they paying you?” She said, “Minimum wage.”   I said, “What hypocricy!” “People have hired you telling you that you’re worth much more than minimum wage, but they won’t pay you more.” In addition, you are saying you are worth much more, but yet, you’re willing to work for minimum wage.”   I said, “Tell me, if you demanded $10.00/hr simply because the government says you’re worth it,   and a restaurant couldn’t afford to hire you, how much would you be making?”   She said, “Nothing!”   So the question is, “Would you rather make $7.50/hr or nothing?”   The right to contract to work for what an employee is willing to work for is called free enterprise.   Why did Burger King and many other companies move out of the country?   It all comes to costs, and taxes and profits.

If money somehow comes out of thin air,   why not require $20/hr or $50/hr and everyone would be economically secure?   Obviously the problem is all these greedy employers, you know, the ones taking the risk to create jobs, who try to make a meager profit selling a product or service,   are taking advantage of all those poor kids who have never worked.   They’re simply worth a high wage just because they are them.  Karl Marx thought all employers were greedy exploiters of the people, and his “divide the wealth” philosophy costs the lives of over 100 million people.    Well here are the facts.   Increasing minimum wages costs jobs. That’s undeniable. Employers have three options:   Don’t give a raise to dependable employees who have been loyal to the company,   Increase the price of their products and services,   or simply don’t hire what you can’t afford.   In the restaurant business for instance employee salaries is 39% of total income.   Their profit margin is often 2-5%   That means 98 cents of every dollar received goes to the cost of running the business.   If minimum wage is increased 20% with a built in increase every year, it means many restaurants and other companies with small profit margins are no longer in business.     There are only 6 million small businesses in America and 2/3rds of them have 1-4 employees. They create 80% of the jobs in America. The very people minimum wage is designed to help are hurt the most.   But since there are more employees than employers, and most people are not risk takers, and don’t understand economics 101, it’s always a lot easier to simply vote for a raise rather than earn it.   NOW ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS PASS A LAW IN REFERENCE TO MINIMUM EFFORT.

“I believe in marriage between a man and a woman.   In fact,  I’ll go even further:  I believe marriage is a sacred institution,”   said Barack Obama prior to his election.   Hillary Clinton said the same thing.   After the election,  President Obama ordered Eric Holder not to defend the Defense of Marriage Act that passed both houses and signed into law by President Bill Clinton.

Was the president a bigot,  or a homophobe prior to the election?   He said his position was evolving,  but if the rest of the country didn’t evolve at the same time,  does that make the tens of millions of Christians bigots or homophobic?   Five lawyers on the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that states have the right to re-define marriage.    But when 32 states in a row defined it as a man and a woman including liberal California,  federal judges responded by over-ruling all the people.   The same five lawyers on the Supreme Court changed their minds and over-ruled the American people,  dismantling the laws of all 50 states according to their own humanist ideology.   It was judicial activism unauthorized in the Constitution according to the Supreme Court Justice Roberts.

The Supreme Court has reversed itself over 230 times in American history because it is comprised of fallible human beings.   The Supreme Court gave us the Dred Scott decision in 1857,  resulting in the Civil War costing the lives of 900,000 Americans.   The Supreme Court declared the unborn non-humans in 1973,  costing the lives of over 58 million.   Only two countries have as liberal abortion policy as the U.S.:   North Korea and Red China.

America was built on the premise of “Lex, Rex.”  the law is the king.   Not “Rex Lex”  the king is the law.   Five lawyers appointed themselves kings usurping their authority.   In one week,  the activist court outlawed the Ten Commandments,  the sacred institution of marriage and re-wrote Obama Care in order to pass it again.

When people gave opinions of what Jesus would do,  they never back it up with Bible verses.   President Obama was right when he said,  “Marriage is a sacred institution.”   It predates government.   The Supreme Court cannot reverse the laws of God any more than they can repeal the law of gravity.   Already polygamists and pedophiles want equal protection.   One gay activist is suing a Bible publishing company because he is offended at what the Bible says is, “sin.”

America became a country for only one reason.   The Puritans and Pilgrims fled religious persecution.   After the Protestant Reformation,  John Calvin,  John Knox and others started a revival that swept Europe that became so intense King George III put out a decree if you didn’t believe like the Church of England, you would be imprisoned,  tortured or murdered.

Up to 100,000 were tortured and burned alive in one day during the times of John Knox.   The right to worship God was more important than life itself to the early Puritans.   In America,  all rights are inalienable,  which means “God-given.”   The First Amendment was written to protect freedom of religion from government tyranny.   The right to freedom of conscience,  freedom of speech,  freedom of the press,  freedom of assembly,  freedom of redress are inalienable.   Freedom of religion is the foundation of all other rights.    Goggle the “Trinity Decision.”   Freedom is not license.   Theodore Roosevelt said,  “We have the choice now between preserving our Christian heritage and values or reverting back to Barbaric Paganism.   Martin Luther King said,  “No law is just that does not comport with the moral aws of God.”   Rome was rich and powerful,  but it became full of drunkenness and immorality and crumbled from within.   Without a grassroots spiritual revival,  America will reach the same fate.   The courts and politicians are shaking their firsts in the face of Almighty God saying,  “We don’t want you,  we don’t need you,  we will make our own laws and create our own Utopia – a word meaning “nowhere.”

John Adams said,  “Freedom without virtue is madness.”   For moral restraints and individual responsibility are the foundation of liberty.   If the foundation is destroyed what will the righteous do?