About Dr. Unruh

conservative speaker Sioux Falls, SD

Dr. Allen Unruh has been a student of government since 1970. He became involved as a precinct leader when he first moved to Sioux Falls in 1975.

He has spoken throughout the state and nation on the pro-life issue. He and his wife Leslee founded the Alpha Center – a pregnancy care center reaching 6000 clients/year. They also started the national abstinence clearinghouse which has 1,800 affiliates and is in 118 foreign countries.

Dr. Unruh has been a delegate to 2 national Republican conventions 1984, and 1992. He was state chairman for Jack Kemp when he ran for president and also Pat Buchanan. He was given the Physician of the year award by the National Republican Congressional committee.

When the tea party movement first started he immediately took a leadership role organizing the first rally at Covel Lake, which was the only place in the US with a live re-enactment of the Boston Tea Party. Dr. Unruh prepared 5 minute speeches representing the actual words of the forefathers in reference to government tyranny. Forty five hundred people showed up for this event which was covered by all the media.

Dr. Unruh was later asked to be a keynote speaker nationally in Billings Montana at their state Tea Party meeting. He spoke at the “Take Back America” symposium by Phyllis Schlafly in St. Louis Mo. He was a keynote speaker on Health Care reform at the Council for National Policy conference in Austin Texas. He was a keynote speaker in Boston Massachusetts at their tea party meeting. He was the national chairman for informing state tea party leaders to focus on resisting Obama Care and organizing a rally in Washington DC. He was the second speaker at this rally which resulted in 1.9 million people gathering at this event. It was the largest political event in America’s history.

A candidate for the U.S. Congress he has spoken from the state Capital to the National Capital. He has done interviews on Focus on the Family, Bott Radio Network, Point of View, Relevant Radio, Richard Land Live, and dozens of other radio programs including National Public Radio. He debated Rosanne Barr, and Alan Colmes.

He recently was asked to speak at the University of South Dakota to a political science class on the principles of the U.S. Constitution and American government. The instructor said it was an intellectual Tour De Force the likes of which he has never witnessed in his class. The students are all unified in wanting to replace the “status quo” but didn’t understand the principles of liberty and how they have been eroded.

On Television he has been interviewed on Fox News, and Democracy Now plus multiple state wide TV interviews. He is author of 6 books including “If The Government Doesn’t Get Off Our Backs The Whole Country Will Need A Chiropractor,” “Laughter Is The Best Medicine.” And “The First Clean Sex Joke Book.”

He and his wife Leslee have started a national “speak up” campaign on sex, love and relationships and cultural issues.

Dr. Unruh’s hobbies are racquetball and stand up comedy. He and his wife have 15 grandtreasures.