Letters of Recommendation

When Dr. Allen Unruh speaks with my Political Science Classes – and he has driven through howling blizzards to get to my classroom – my students, of all political persuasions, discover that his relentless humor actually conveys the most seriously thought-provoking commentary they will hear about politics in America today. Our biggest problem is not political differences but political indifference, and nobody reading his latest book can remain indifferent.



At USD, I teach an unconventional course called "Case Studies in South Dakota Politics and Government" (POLS 415). The three credit hour course is held once every week during the late afternoons. To each class session, I bring three large coolers of drinks and two Keurigs with about 40 varieties of coffee, tea, cider, and hot cocoa. This is a sort of open classroom Chautauqua in which other students, professors, and administrators are regular "drop-ins". The course features 15 different case studies and over 40 guest speakers from "the real world" every semester. Recent guest speakers have included Senator John Thune; Senator Mike Rounds; Governor Dennis Daugaard; Attorney General Marty Jackley; Bishop Paul J. Swain; Dr. Pam Homan from the Sioux Falls School District; Dr. Jack Warner, the CEO of the SD Board of Regents; US Attorney Brendan Johnson; Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin; Representative Mark Mickelson; Circuit Court Judges Patricia Riepel and Joni Cutler; blogger and film maker Denise Ross; and Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether.

At the conclusion of every semester, my students complete not only the conventional fill-in-the-globes course evaluation, but also complete my customized 40-question in-depth evaluation. Shy and retiring students do not take my course. I use the students' candid comments to plan my future syllabi. Each new semester has a mixture of new case studies and some previous case studies that students have given very high marks.

On five occasions, you have been a guest speaker in my classroom. Last April 3, during a howling blizzard, I called you and suggested that you not drive from Sioux Falls to Vermillion for the public forum in the Muenster University Center sponsored by my class. You told me that you had already driven to Vermillion and were busy setting up the room. Many other people braved the elements that night, and we had a fascinating evening.

Judging by the student evaluations, my Democrats, Libertarians, and Republicans have disagreed with you--at times vigorously, but all of them agree upon one thing: Please bring Dr. Unruh back to the classroom! My students' consensus opinion is that none of our guest speakers has been more provocative than you are. By "provocative", they mean thought-provoking. Those who agree with you on an issue are motivated by your articulateness in expressing your opinions. Those who disagree with you on an issue say to me that they enjoy having their beliefs and values challenged--and they relish the opportunity to defend those beliefs and views.

Marshall Damgaard

Professor, "Case Studies in South Dakota Politics and Government"

We were greatly blessed to have Dr. Allen Unruh share with our congregation on the Sanctity of Human Life Sunday! His wealth of knowledge and his passion for the unborn stirred the hearts of all those in attendance. We praise the Lord for a man that God has raised up for such a time as this, to lead the cause in our nation for the Sanctity of Human Life!

Rev. Michael Hecht

Salem Reformed Church, Menno, SD

Dr. Unruh has been "setting people straight" for several decades as a chiropractic physician, and in his message entitled "What's RIGHT with America" he will set the audience straight. With humor, passion and historical accuracy listeners will come away knowing that freedom is not free and the privilege of being an American comes with a responsibility. Listeners will have a renewed appreciation and love for this great country!

With humor, passion and historical truth, Dr. Allen Unruh will capture the attention of young and old alike as he presents his message, "What's Right with America." Following our assembly with Dr. Unruh, our students and staff had a renewed sense of patriotism and appreciation for the freedoms we have inherited.

Luke Vander Leest

Spiritual Life Director, Sioux Falls Christian School

To Whom It May Concern:

During the January Interim at the University of Sioux Falls we were honored and privileged to have Dr. Allen Unruh come and speak to the State and Local Government class. Dr. Unruh is a Sioux Falls chiropractor who has spent most of his life involved in politics at the local, state, and national levels as a pro-life advocate and activist for conservative causes.

A very articulate, thought provoking speaker, he spent two hours informing and entertaining the students about the issues of the day from his perspective. While not all the students agreed with Dr. Unruh, everybody proved respectful of each other’s political views. This was evident in the evaluations at the end of class in which the students indicated they would be willing to have him return to campus. Because of the favorable student response, Dr. Unruh will be invited back to campus during the spring semester. However, he would be an invaluable speaker for any campus.

Kermit L Staggers

Professor of History and Political Science